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a Coca-Cola Speakeasy

What if Coca-Cola opened a speakeasy style bar in Atlanta? This project explores this idea, creating a testing site for Coca-Cola's venture into RTD alcoholic beverages as a new revenue stream.​

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HOKA One One

A customer retention strategy that implements pop-up shops, product development, mobile apps, and creative collaborations to improve the overall brand-consumer relationship and increase DTC sales for Hoka One One. 

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Apple Music

Mock-event strategic concept to increase market share and brand awareness of Apple Music. Implemented creative direction, awareness of North American entertainment and culture, and managed timeline and budget to fully build out creative concept. 

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Levi's Second Hand

A multichannel mock-campaign for Levi's Secondhand to increase awareness among target customers for the online Levi’s Secondhand store. Adapted existing art-direction to better fit the brand’s creative needs.


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Nike's Meta Nature

This collection includes engaging silhouettes with digital prints inspired by nature, such as scenes of the sunset and sunrise represented by soft gradients juxtaposed by prints inspired by technology, with more vibrant colors and geometric lines.

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CREO Collective

Fostering a growing community of dream chasers through an accessible source of inspiration for passionate creators. CREO Collective clears the fog of mediocrity that clouds the art world and unveils the authentic talents that hide within.

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Exploring what makes minimalism so interesting. 


This is a campaign video for Pietra Preziosa, a SCAD graduate's senior collection turned clothing brand. Shop the collection at

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En Route

The moments in between. The beauty in solitude, and the journey from one place to another, whether that be physical or emotional.  

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